Our countries service:

POLAND - GERMANY - Netherlands - Belgium - France - England - Scotland


przewóz paczek anglia polska

przewóz paczek anglia polska


Day trips from the country which we serve:
France/ Paris:

Trans Voyager – Paczki Anglia Polska:

England, Belgium, Holland, Germany:


Departures from Scotland on Sunday

Receipt and delivery of packages from:

The transport of goods
We also parcel:

  1. Parcels and other goods are received from the customer’s home within the entire Poland.
  2. Shipment lead time is about 4 days.
  3. Parcels are delivered across London and surrounding areas.
  4. Parcels are delivered also in Scotland.

Price carriage of parcels, goods depends on the weight and type of the object.
Contact us to find out the more details.


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